2019 field meetings

Date Description Leader(s)
Wed. 9th Jan Local Walk Susan Bailey
Mon. 21st Jan A Local Winter Walk Reg Radford
Wed. 13th Feb Poynton Area Pam Richards
Mon. 25th Feb Fairholmes Joan Potts
Tue. 5th Mar Looking at Lichens (Disley Area) Irene Blagden
Sat. 23rd Mar Hartington Ron & Mary Weston
Tue.16th Apr Ladder Edge Country Park John Hawksford
Thu. 25th Apr Coombes Valley RSP Reserve Joan Potts
Tue. 7th May North of Slackhall David Blowers
Mon. 27th May Eldon Hill, Peak Forest Tony Axcell
Mon. 3rd Jun Longdendale Holly Trail: for Nightjars, meet at Town Hall at 7.00 p.m Joan Potts
Fri. 7th Jun Cromford Canal Joan Potts
Tue. 25th Jun A White Peak walk Elaine Radford
Thu. 11th Jul Lightwood, north of Buxton Steve Price
Wed. 17th Jul Harpur Hill John Hawksford
Fri. 26th Jul Curbar, Froggatt & White Edges Linda Dawes
Thu. 1st Aug Hope Valley (possibly using a train) Chris Lees & Liz Honeybell
Wed. 7th Aug 50th Anniversary Lunch; booking required Pam Richards & John Hawksford
Tue. 20th Aug Upper Goyt Valley Chris Jones
Sat.14th Sep Ashworth Valley Mark Higginbottom
Tue.24th Sep Weston Park Museum, Sheffield (by train and tram) Mary Weston
Tue 8th Oct Fungus Foray Irene Blagden
Thu.17th Oct Watford Lodge Nature Reserve closure & working party Joan Potts
Fri. 25th Oct Swine Sty & Bar Brook Ron Weston
Wed. 13th Nov Rainow/Ingersley Vale Pam Richards
Wed. 27th Nov Danebridge George & Nicky Burgess
Sat 7th Dec Brian Fox Memorial Walk & pub lunch; booking essential Ron & Mary Weston
Mon. 30th Dec Walk it off! Margaret Race