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  • About the naturalist's shack

    Welcome to the Naturalist's shack. This website exists to showcase my passion for wildlife photography, and to share information about wildlife photography, Hayfield and the Peak District, and other locations that interest me.

    You may be interested in the photogalleries, or some historical maps of Hayfield.

    • Wildlife identification resources

      I love a good field guide, and seem to have accumulated quite a few over the years. In this section of the site, I will review some of my favourites, along with a few tips on getting the most out of them.

      Although in recent years there have been increasing numbers of web sites (and even more recently, mobile apps) to help you work out what you've seen, a good field guide is still an invaluable resource.

      The pictures of the guides link to the NHBS (Natural History Book Service) where you can buy the book if you want (I get a small commision if you buy from one of my links, which helps pay to maintain the site).

      The NHBS is a great resource for field naturalists. In addition to books on natural history, you can also buy field survey equipment such as hand lenses, nets, bat detectors and much more.

  • Hayfield

    Hayfield village

    • Hayfield parish 1898 maps

      Maps from second edition ordnance survey, 1898

      I scanned these maps a few years ago, not long after I first moved to Hayfield.

      The maps were from a local library, and I only had an A4 scanner, so I had to scan the whole map in tiles. The tiles overlap quite a lot (at least 50%), because I intended stitching them together when I scanned them.

      Anyway, these are the highest resolution available, at 300dpi, and so fairly large files, which is why I haven't yet made them downloadable.

      You can view the same map overlaid on google maps.

      You can also print out the map view if you would like (works best with a colour printer, and using the high resolution option).

      You can also view or download a stitched scan of the V16 1898 map, which covers most of Hayfield village centre.

    • Hayfield social


      This is for sharing photos with friends - you're probably here because I invited you to join or sent you a password.

      It contains photos taken at social events and so forth. You can download fullsize originals of the photos to print yourself if you want, or, if there's a photo you particularly like, I could arrange to get a print made.


    • Hayfield events

  • Photography

    Some of my photos can be seen in the galleries.

    Also, you can purchase some of these images on my Alamy homepage, which can be found here:-

    Stock photography by Barry Soames at Alamy

    • Photo galleries

      This part of the site is where you can view a selection of wildlife and landscape galleries.

      Clicking on any small image in the galleries should show a slideshow of all the pictures in the gallery, starting at the picture that you clicked. (The galleries will usually display best if you maximise your browser to full screen.)

      Link to mammals gallery Link to wild flowers galleryLink to hayfield landscapes gallery

      You can either click on a picture to open a gallery, or leap straight to the Mammals gallery, the Wild flowers gallery or the Hayfield landscapes gallery

      Link to birds gallery Link to insects gallery

      Other galleries are the Birds gallery and the Insects gallery

      I have recently added a Galapagos gallery.

    • Video

      A few wildlife videos

  • Locations

    A few articles about places, and some of the wildlife found in these places.

  • New Mills Natural History Society

    New Mills Natural History Society


    Founded 1969

    New Mills Natural History Society

    We are based in New Mills, High Peak, Derbyshire.
    Members are interested in all forms of wildlife, as well as geology.
    We hold at least two field meetings per month (on rotating days of the week).
    Monthly indoor meetings (talks), usually on third Friday of the month at 7.30 p.m., from September to April.
    Wildlife holidays in May and September.
    Manages two nature reserves.

    If you are interested in joining, or would like to find out more, please email our chairman, John Hawksford on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    • Field meetings

      Please note that all members attending field meetings do so at their own risk.

      Except where indicated, field meetings start at the Town Hall at 10.00a.m. and you should normally take packed lunch and be prepared for rough walking, stiles and mud. If you are uncertain about your ability you should contact the leader beforehand.

      Where a pub lunch is indicated you are usually required to book in advance.

      Children, but not pets please, are welcome if adequately supervised.

    • Indoor meetings

      Most indoor meetings take place in the Library Lecture Room (off Hall Street) and start at 7.30pm but, where indicated, the Town Hall Large Hall (off Aldersgate) is used.