Field meetings

Please note that all members attending field meetings do so at their own risk.

Field meetings usually start at the front of the Town Hall at 10.00 a.m. and you should normally take packed lunch and be prepared for rough walking, stiles and mud. If you are uncertain about your ability you should contact the leader beforehand.

Where a pub lunch is indicated you are usually required to book in advance.

Children, but not pets please, are welcome if adequately supervised.

2018 field meetings

Date Description Leader(s)
Mon. 8th Jan Local Winter Walk Reg Radford
Wed. 24th Jan Local Walk Susan Bailey
Thu. 15th Feb Local Walk David Blowers
Sat. 24th Feb Arbor Low & Middleton by Youlgreave Ron & Mary Weston
Thu. 8th Mar Crowden (Mountain Hares) Joan Potts
Tue. 27th Mar Etherow Country Park Margaret Race
Wed. 11th Apr Local Walk from Co-op Car Park (not Town Hall), at 10.00am Chris Jones
Sat. 28th Apr Healey Dell Mark Higginbottom
Tue. 1st May Riverside and woodland from Hathersage to Grindleford,
returning to Hathersage by train
Chris Lees & Liz Honeybell
Fri. 25th May Minninglow & Royston Grange Tony Axcell
Wed. 6th Jun Deep Hayes Country Park John Hawksford
Fri. 15th Jun Jackson's Brick Works & Poynton Coppice Chris Jones
Thu. 28th Jun Poking around Miller's Dale Steve Price
Wed.25th Jul Old Moor Nature Reserve 9.30 a.m Roy & Jennifer Dagnall
Sat. 28th Jul Monyash area Elaine Radford
Fri. 17th Aug Surprise View Linda Dawes
Tue. 28th Aug Gratton Dale Pat & Anne O’Mara
Sun. 16th Sep Long Clough Nature Reserve, Glossop Ron & Mary Weston
Wed. 26th Sep Goyt Valley Margaret Race
Thu. 4th Oct Watford Lodge Nature Reserve Closure
& Working Party
Joan Potts
Sat. 13th Oct Ashworth Valley Mark Higginbottom
Wed. 24th Oct Fungus Foray Society Members
Sat. 3rd Nov Brian Fox Memorial Walk & Pub Lunch
booking essential
John Hawksford
Wed. 21st Nov Local Walk from Shaw Farm George & Nicky Burgess
Tue 4th Dec Kinder Reservoir Chris Jones
Fri. 28th Dec Walk it off! Margaret Race


2017 field meetings

Date Description Leader(s)
Wed. 3rd May Heritage Wood, Atlow & Ednaston Pam Richards & Ron Weston
Thu. 25th May Errwood Reservoir 7.00 p.m. Joan Potts
Tue. 30th May Wye Dale, Deepdale & Chelmorton Chris Jones
Fri. 9th Jun White Peak Elaine Radford
Mon. 12th Jun Broadhurst Edge Wood 7.00 p.m. Ron Weston
Thu. 29th Jun Old Moor 9.30 a.m. Roy & Jennifer Dagnall
Wed. 5th Jul Longstone Edge Barry Soames
Thu. 20th Jul Hoe Grange Quarry Steve Price
Sat. 5th Aug Chelmorton, Five Wells Cairn,Taddington & Flagg Tony Axcell
Tue. 22nd Aug Magpie Mine Pat & Anne O'Mara
Fri. 1st Sep Tissington (partly by bus) John Hawksford
Fri. 22nd Sep Padley Gorge & Longshaw Estate Chris Lees & Liz Honeybell
Wed. 4th Oct Langsett Reservoir George & Nicky Burgess
Thu. 12th Oct Watford Lodge Nature Reserve Closure & Working Party Joan Potts
Thu.19th Oct Fungus Foray Irene Blagden
Tue. 7th Nov Brian Fox Memorial Walk & Pub Lunch (booking essential) John Hawksford
Wed. 15th Nov Tame Trail Susan Bailey
Wed. 6th Dec Carsington Reservoir Joan Potts
Thu. 28th Dec Walk it off! Probably using a bus John Hawksford


Old Dale field meeting

I have recently joined the New Mills Natural History Society. They hold field meetings to look at wildlife.

We visited Old Dale, a limestone dale managed by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust between Buxton and Bakewell on the Monsal Trail.  This was an enjoyable walk, especially for a botanist, as the slopes of the dale support a rich and varied flora. We saw two different orchids, Jacob's-ladder (Derbyshire's county flower), several species of St John's-wort, Flea Sedge, Mossy Saxifrage, Green Spleenwort and typical grasses of calcareous grasslands such as Meadow Oat-grass.


The first two photographs above are Common Twayblade (Neottia ovata). This orchid is shown in older textbooks as Listera ovata, but more recent molecular phylogenetic studies have shown it is closely related to Bird's-nest Orchid (Neottia nidus-avis) and the genera have been combined.

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