Welcome to the Naturalist's shack. This website exists to showcase my passion for wildlife photography, and to share information about wildlife photography, Hayfield and the Peak District, and other locations that interest me.

You may be interested in the photogalleries, or some historical maps of Hayfield.

I love a good field guide, and seem to have accumulated quite a few over the years. In this section of the site, I will review some of my favourites, along with a few tips on getting the most out of them.

Although in recent years there have been increasing numbers of web sites (and even more recently, mobile apps) to help you work out what you've seen, a good field guide is still an invaluable resource.

The pictures of the guides link to the NHBS (Natural History Book Service) where you can buy the book if you want (I get a small commision if you buy from one of my links, which helps pay to maintain the site).

The NHBS is a great resource for field naturalists. In addition to books on natural history, you can also buy field survey equipment such as hand lenses, nets, bat detectors and much more.